12 Reasons Why 

Costa Rica

Needs to be on your bucket list

All Beaches have public access

By law, all beaches need to be accessible to the public. That means the Caribbean and Pacific coasts are open for all your enjoyment

Reason One

The Wildlife is insane

Sloths, monkeys, turtles, frogs, and jaguars. These are just a few of the animals you might see while visiting Costa Rica.

Reason Two

Costa Rica is an adventure paradise

If you have ever wanted to enjoy adventure in a tropical environment, Costa Rica is the place for it. Some of the activities here include....

Reason Three


zip lining

Scuba Diving

White Water Rafting

Costa Rica Is The Perfect MIx of Jungle and Beach

With a Pacific coast, Caribbean coast, and mountains in the middle of the country; it is a great vacation spot!

Reason Four

Reason Five

You Can Visit Volcanoes Up Close

There are multiple volcanoes that you can tour. Our favorites are Poas, Arenal, Irazu, and Rincon de la Vieja.

Reason Six

The Pura Vida Lifestyle is the Best

The life motto here is "Pura Vida" which means Pure Life. It is used as a greeting and to say "Everything is great. Relax"

It is hot, but if you want cold you can find that as well

In general, Costa Rica is hot and humid. However, head to the mountains and you can find cool weather.

Reason Seven

Two Words..... cloud forests

Monteverde and San Gerardo de Dota are two unique cloud forest towns in Costa Rica.

Reason Eight

Sunset and Sunrise Views

With a Caribbean and Pacific coast it is possible to enjoy sunrise views and sunset views in one day.

Reason Nine

There Are Tons of National Parks

Manuel Antonio is the most popular national park, but there are multiple places to see nature and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Reason Ten

You Can Swim Under (or Down) Waterfalls

There are waterfalls all over the country. The one to slide down is in Uvita. You can swim under the La Fortuna waterfall among others.

Reason Eleven

Costa Rica is a Great Tourist Destination

Most people here speak some English, people are friendly, and the country lives on tourism. Basically, you will feel safe and comfortable here.

Reason Twelve