Things You nEed to Do in  Costa Rica


Slide Down a Waterfall


In Uvita it is possible to slide down this waterfall into the cool waters below. Best part is it only costs a few dollars to visit.

Visit Rio Celeste


Due to a crazy natural phenomena the water really is this color blue. This isn't a filter!

Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in One Day


It only takes about four hours to drive from the Caribbean coast to the Pacific. With 12 hours of sunlight a day you will have plenty of time!

Visit a Hot Spring at the Base of a Volcano


In La Fortuna there are hot springs for all budgets and interests. From adult only places to family friendly spots.

Climb to the Top of a Ficus Tree Inside


Do you see a little head at the top of the tree? That could be you! This is possible in Monteverde.

Visit this Paradise Uninhabited Island


Isla Tortuga is located off the Pacific coast and is the perfect place for a fun day trip.

Visit this National Park with 5% of the World'd Biodiversity


In Corcovado National Park you can see a wide variety of wildlife from monkeys to jaguars.

See This Crazy Natural Beauty


During low tide you can see this whales tail from above in Uvita or even walk to the end of it.

Go Bioluminescent Kayaking Year Round


On the Nicoya Peninsula in Paquera, it is possible to go bioluminescent kayaking year round. The best time as during a new moon.

See a Sloth Up Close


There are several wildlife rehabilitation centers throughout Costa Rica that you can visit.  But, you may also get lucky and see a sloth up close in the wild.

Go Surfing for All Skill Levels


With extensive coastlines on both the Pacific and Caribbean you can find great surfing spots for all levels.

See A Volcano Up Close


Visit one of the many active and dormant volcanoes in the country. Some can even be visited up close.