Amazing Things to Do in Bocas del Toro Panama


A literal paradise of tropical islands

Bocas del Toro Panama

This is a series of tropical islands on the Caribbean coast near the Costa Rica border.  It is only accessible by boat or plane an is filled with fun things to do, such as....

Go Kayaking  and Look for Starfish


The water is so clear here that you can easily see to the ground and spot tons of starfish

Starfish VibeS!

Hang At Cool Beach Bars


There is no shortage of waterfront bars in Bocas del Toro! You can even just jump in the water with your drink

Take a Day Tour With Many Activities


This is a great way to experience a lot of Bocas del Toro in a short amount of time.

These tours often include: -snorkeling -walking on empty beaches -spotting dolphins -seeing sloths ...and more!

Eat Dinner at  Azul Restaurant


This restaurant offers a luxury four course meal for only $24.99. It's so good!

Check Out All of the Beaches


There are pristine white sand beaches on most islands. Spend a day beach hopping!

Watch the Beautiful Sunset


No, there is no filter on the picture above. The sun set is really this amazing.

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