Did You Know that Nicoya, Costa Rica is a Blue Zone?

Did You Know that Nicoya, Costa Rica is a Blue Zone?

This means that people here regularly live to over 100 years old. Want to discover their secret?

The term “Blue Zone” was first used in a 2005 National Geographic story written by Dan Buettner.  He defined a Blue Zone as a place people regularly live to over 100 years old.

What is a Blue Zone?

There are five Blue Zones of the world as defined by Buettner.  - Sardinia, Italy - Okinawa, Japan - Loma Linda, California - Ikaria, Greece - Nicoya, Costa Rica.

Where are the  Blue Zones?

The Nicoya Peninsula is the tiny remote hook of Costa Rica on the Northern Pacific Coast. It is great for fishing, surfing, and soaking up the good vibes.

Where is Nicoya?

- The high calcium content in the water leads to stronger bones - Family ties are strong here - People here get a lot of Vitamin D. - Relaxed lifestyle - Food is not processed

Why the Nicoya Peninsula?

Black beans, cooked plantains, fresh papaya, yams, squash, homemade corn tortillas, and fish (if near the coast).  They typically do not consume a lot of meat.

What is the Traditional Diet?

Some factors will be impossible to replicate. Unless you move where the sun is always shining, the nature is amazing, and then bring all of your family with you.

Replicate the Nicoya Lifestyle

But you can.... - Cut out meat. Replace it with fresh vegetables. - Opt to walk instead of driving. - Spend quality times with your loved ones. ....Who knows, maybe it will change your life!

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