Alajuela is home to impressive active volcanoes, waterfalls you can swim under, and coffee plantations.


Poas is an active volcano that you can visit. Here you can see a crater up close, walk nature trails, and learn about volcanic eruptions. 

You Can Visit Poas Volcano Up Close


Love coffee? Learn the entire production process with a coffee tour. Plus, most tours include unlimited coffee drinking!

Take a Tour of a Coffee Plantation


Visit a Starbucks Farm

Alajuela is home to Alsacia. This is the only farm in the world that Starbucks owns which you can actually visit! Try unique drinks and enjoy the beautiful waterfall views.


La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a great place to bring the whole family. Here you can learn Costa Rican culture, see animals being rescued, and visit this waterfall.

Visit La Paz Waterfall Gardens


This waterfall is located on the side of the road next to La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Pull off your car and enjoy the majestic beauty

Walk Under This Waterfall for Free!!!


Alajuela has a bit of a Switzerland feeling to it. Drive through the rolling hills and enjoy the views.

Take a Drive Through the Hills


This small town is where the bright colored oxcarts of Costa Rica get produced. You can also buy other wooden item here which make great souvenirs!

Visit the Nearby Town of Sarchi


Alajuela is centrally located and a great place to start or end your Costa Rica travels. Ready to plan your trip?

Alajuela  Costa Rica