These are the Costa Rica resources we use to travel on a budget with amazing vibes. Every company or product on this resource list has been tested by us personally and is only on here because we think highly of them. 







If you are interested in booking a flight to Costa Rica, you should first check out our article about that. We have some great money saving tips for those of you coming from Europe or the US.


Our go-to flight search engine because of the great search features. Try out the “Everywhere” search feature and set your dates to flexible.

We love the layout on momondo. It is easy to use and they make it easy to find the cheapest day to fly.

Iberia is our favorite airline for flying to Europe. They are comfortable, have decent food, and the prices are usually cheaper than any other airline.


It is possible to find budget accommodations in Costa Rica if you know where to look. In fact, we recently stayed at a nice Airbnb in La Fortuna which had a shared pool and 6 miles of hiking trails for only $23 a night. Score! Please check out our article on finding budget accommodations if you need some help.

AIRBNBAIRBNBWe love Airbnb for finding unique accommodations at good prices. Great for finding short term villas, apartments etc.


HostelWorld is the place to look if you really want to save some money. We like hostels because they often have a kitchen you can use.

HOMEAWAY HomeAwaySimilar to Airbnb. We suggest checking both sites because they sometimes have very different listings.

TRUSTED HOUSESITTERS Perfect for  short-term free accommodations in return for housesitting.


We used to not really love but their new layout is amazing and they almost always have the cheapest prices.

COUCHSURFING Great for extreme budget travelers. Crash on someone’s couch for free.

Even if your health insurance covers you internationally you should still purchase travel insurance for the days when you are actually traveling. If your flights are delayed, your luggage lost, flight canceled etc. it will be covered by travel insurance.
You can read about our experience with travel insurance here.
World Nomads: This is one of our favorite Costa Rica resources. We swear by World Nomads for travel insurance. They cover basically everything you could think of and have amazing customer service. We’ve always had no problems filing claims and getting reimbursed for any medical expenses. Luckily our luggage has never been lost, but we asked other bloggers and they have all had an easy time being reimbursed for lost or stolen luggage through World Nomads. We just love them and can’t say enough good things about them as a company.



Transportation in Costa Rica can be difficult to figure out which is why we have created a full post on the subject here.


Rent your car with Adobe (our fave rental car company in Costa Rica) and get a 10% discount, second driver for free, and a cell phone to use for free. Just search below and these will be applied to your rental!



This is just some of the gear we always have with us while traveling in Costa Rica. If you’d like a detailed packing list for women, click here. If you’d like a detailed packing list for men, go here. For a more detailed list of our favorite gear, go here.


OK, obviously blogging is not a travel-related topic, but the amount of questions we get from people who want info about starting their own travel blogs is a bit crazy. I get it, it took us over year to get a grasp on what things really help our blog grow and what is a waste of time. If you want a more detailed series of articles you can check out the series of articles I did on my other blog on this topic. It is geared towards expat bloggers, but anyone interested in having a successful blog will benefit from it.


We use Bluehost for our hosting and we love them! Their customer service is wonderful and hosting with them is super easy to set up. Through Bluehost, we use WordPress for our sites.


We love Amazon Affiliates! This program is super easy to setup, easy to track, and they pay you monthly. Simple simple simple!


We use Board Booster to automate our Pinterest posts. This is super helpful because Pinterest is our number one source of traffic to this site. Board Booster is free for the first 100 pins. Try it out!


If you like the layout and design of our site check out the Newpaper theme. It’s not cheap, but it’s easy to set up and customize. I like it so much that I use it for both my sites.


We like CJ Affiliates for partnering with big travel themed companies we love and want to promote to our readers (aka you).


Skimlinks is like every affiliate network in one easy place. The percentage of profits you receive is a little less than signing up for individual affiliate programs, but we like it because their payout threshold is $10, which is MUCH lower than most.


We love Buffer for scheduling all our tweets and Facebook posts. It frees up so much time in our day. Buffer is free up to a certain amount of posts at a time.


Awin is similar to CJ affiliates. Another great program for making money from the companies we love and promote.


We use Canva for creating all the graphics on this site (and we create a lot of graphics). They have tons of preset designs that are easy to customize. Did I mention that it’s FREE?

Some of these Costa Rica resources are affiliate links, which means if you purchase something we will get a small cut of the profit at no cost to you. You get a great product and we get a little money to keep producing great content for you.

Please note we only ever post things here that we personally have used and loved.


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