Save $10 on Your Guanacaste Taxi Booking

from a family of trustworthy official Costa Rican taxi drivers

Save $10 on your taxi in the Liberia/ Playas del Coco/ Papagayo / Rincon de la Vieja / Flamingo area when you book with our favorite official area taxi drivers.

We have tried to answer all of your taxi questions below, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions that we haven’t clarified here. 

When should I take a taxi in Costa Rica?

We especially suggest a taxi when going to or from the airport to your hotel. This is often more affordable than taking a shuttle if you are staying in somewhat close proximity to the airport.

From the Liberia airport, we suggest this if you are staying at a resort on the Papagayo Peninsula, near Playas del Coco, at Rincon de la Vieja, Playa Flamingo, or even in Tamarindo. Typically this will come out to a much more affordable price than the shuttle suggested by your hotel.

We also take taxis if we want to go out for dinner or to a nearby activity that doesn’t include transportation.

What should I know before taking a taxi in Costa Rica?

Our biggest piece of advice is to always make sure to only ride with registered Costa Rican taxi drivers. It is not unusual for several people to ask you at the airport if you need a taxi. Unfortunately, some of these people are not legal taxi drivers and will overcharge you or even rob you.

We had a friend that accidentally took a pirate taxi from a bus station in San Jose. When he arrived at his destination the taxi driver tried to charge him $150 for a ride that should have cost about $40. All of his luggage was in the trunk and he was scared so he paid the charge.

This will never happen with an official taxi driver. Official taxi drivers must have:

– Insurance for the taxi and passengers 

– Separate Insurance for the owner of the taxi and driver

– Pay a monthly fee to operate at the airport. 

– A car that is no more than 10 years old ( exam: so far just cars from 2012). 

– Pay taxes to the government

– The driver must present a clean criminal record every year 

You can always recognize official Costa Rican taxis because they are all red vehicles with a yellow triangle on the roof, driver’s side door, and front passenger side door. This yellow triangle contains their official taxi number. 

At the airport, you might also see orange taxis with a green triangle. These are also official taxis which only operate from the airport.

We only work with official certified Costa Rican drivers that we know you will be safe and comfortable with.

Recognize an official taxi by the red color with yellow triange on the driver's and passenger's side door

Why should I book a taxi through you?

We work with a family of official taxi drivers based in Liberia. We know they will always go above and beyond to take care of you. The family of drivers consists of a father and his three adult sons. 

Also, don’t worry, they all speak English. The father isn’t completely fluent, but if he has any troubles he will just call one of his sons to help translate.  

You should book through us because we also have a $10 discount for you. There is an official price list that all taxi drivers are given.

When you fill in our contact form below the price you are quoted will be $10 lower than the official price that you will pay with other taxi drivers

This is an exclusive deal for Costa Rica Vibes readers with this family of drivers we work with. 

Is the price I’m quoted the final price?

Yes, once you fill in the contact form and receive the price quote this will be the final price. 

Please keep in mind that it is polite to tip taxi drivers in Costa Rica. We suggest at least 10% to 15%. If the service is great, definitely feel free to tip more. 

For example, if we stop to take a few pictures or the driver helps us with our luggage we always tip more.

The drivers can accept credit cards, debit cards, or cash. Dollars are preferred over colones, but if necessary the drivers can convert the price from dollars to colones. 

You will pay at the end of your ride. 

Is there anything else I should know?

– The taxis can fit four to five people plus luggage. If you will be traveling with more people, the drivers can bring multiple taxis. Just make sure to write in how many people will be in your group below.

– If you will need to stop for groceries or anything else, please write this in the comment section below so the driver can adjust the price accordingly.

– Please include your flight number (if arriving at the airport) so the driver can track when your flight will be arriving.

– If you are getting the taxi from the Liberia airport, your driver will be waiting with a sign with your name when you exit the airport. 

– If you will be bringing a surfboard, please just make a note in the contact form. All of the taxis have roof racks and the drivers are happy to make sure they have rope to tie down your board. 

– If you are traveling with young kids and need a booster or car seat for the ride, please indicate exactly what you need in the comment section below. The drivers have seats they can bring. 

– After filling in the contact form you can expect an email back within 24 hours with a price quote. If you would like to use this service please just respond to the email to confirm.

– Please follow up if you need to cancel for any reason. I would hate for them to be waiting for you at the airport and not have any customers show up.


Fill in your details below and one of our favorite trusted taxi driver will contact you shortly with an exact price quote