San Jose, Costa Rica

The capital city of Costa Rica
san jose costa rica
san jose costa rica

The San Jose Vibe

San Jose Costa Rica does not exactly have a reputation as the nicest city in the world. In fact, we don’t really like it (and that is coming from people that live there).

That being said, if you find yourself with a day or two to kill near the San Jose airport, there are definitely plenty of places which are worth a visit.

There are a lot of different neighborhoods and all have a different feel to them. We like the downtown area for the museums, theaters, etc. and Barrio Escalante for nice restaurants.

Now on to the rest of the San Jose Costa Rica travel guide!

San Jose Weather

From mid-December until April there is almost no rain.

The weather from December until February tends to be a bit cooler and windy. People here love it. We hate it.

From February until the start of the rainy season it can be hot during the day and cools off a bit more at night.

During the rainy season, it is difficult to predict. Typically it is sunny and nice until about 2 pm. The rain will then roll in for a few hours. Sometimes these storms are scary with crazy lightning strikes. The evenings are typically dry.

You just never really know here though. Sometimes we will have rain all day and other times we will have several days of no rain during the rainy season.

San Jose Transportation

Getting to San Jose

No matter where you are in the country you will have no problem getting to San Jose. Almost all buses end in the city.

If you are coming from the San Jose Costa Rica airport, you can read all about transportation from the airport in our San Jose Airport guide.

We don’t suggest driving in San Jose Costa Rica. We do it, but it’s not enjoyable. There is often a lot of traffic and people drive really crazy.

If you are using San Jose as a jumping off point for other activities we suggest renting a car with our favorite rental car company, Adobe. We love them so much that we asked if they could give us a discount for you. 

If you book your car through us you will get a 10% discount plus several other great perks!

Getting Around in San Jose

The best way to get around in San Jose is by walking or taking Uber. There is a public bus system in the city, but it can be difficult to navigate. We still sometimes get confused after two years of being here.

Things to Do in San Jose

Visit the National Theater: The National Theater is located in the downtown section of the city and it is beautiful! It is open for you to check out the lobby during the day for free. There is also a really pretty coffee shop in there. If you’d like to see a show you can see their schedule and buy tickets here. We went here one night to see Alica in Wonderland as a ballet. That’s not usually our thing, but it was fun to get dressed up and have a fancy night out. Plus, it was nice to see the inside of the beautiful theater.

Visit Mercado Central: If you need to buy souvenirs you should do it here. Picture a large indoor market of tiny little alleyways and people selling everything you could ever possibly want.

I always feel like I’m in a Bourne movie in here. It would be a great place for a crazy chase scene!

Anyway, feel free to try to haggle, but Costa Ricans don’t do well with confrontation so if they won’t budge on the price just leave it at that. The market is located on the foot traffic only street directly in the downtown area.

Have a picnic in the park: There is a large park called La Sabana located close to the downtown area. It is the perfect place to walk around and have a picnic. It’s actually really nice as far as city parks go. The national stadium and Costa Rica Art Museum are also located here if you want to check those out as well.

Go to a concert: One of the things I miss most in Costa Rica is good concerts. The only shows here are usually from local musicians (which can be nice) or very well known musicians who play at the stadium. Sometimes it can be fun to see a musician in Costa Rica just for the experience. I saw Justin Bieber at the stadium just for the experience. Or maybe I have a serious case of Bieber fever 😉

Go to a soccer game: We haven’t done this yet, but definitely, should. At the national stadium, you can see the Costa Rica national team play. How fun would that be to experience? The tickets are usually pretty reasonably priced as well.

Enjoy the nightlife: Sorry guys, I can’t give you that much insight into the San Jose nightlife scene because we are boring. Every time I’ve gon out partying it has been in San Pedro (the university area). There are TONS of bars and clubs there which are all packed on the weekends.

My favorite area is Barrio Escalante. This is a nice area with cute bars (think craft beer, hipster feel). I don’t recommend walking around San Jose at night but I’ve always felt safe here especially if it is a night with a lot of people out.

Check out a farmers market: There are always fruit and veggie vendors selling produce on the side of the road in downtown San Jose. Definitely, stop and try some fruits you’ve never seen before. If you want a full-on farmers market you should ask at your hotel. Different areas of the city have their farmer’s markets on different days.

Go shopping: There are tons of places to do some shopping in the city! In the downtown area, there is a road just for pedestrians with tons of shops. If you want a more US-ish experience, grab an Uber to MultiPlaza. This is the largest mall in Central America and has all the stores from home.

See a movie: I know, you didn’t travel all the way to Costa Rica to see a movie, BUT sometimes there are rainy afternoons and seeing a movie is your best option. We actually go to the cinema often here because it’s not too expensive and almost all movies are in English. Here is the website for the cinema we like at the Multiplaza so you can check out your options.

Hang out in Barrio Escalante: Barrio Escalante is our favorite neighborhood in the city (as we mentioned before). It’s a nice spot to spend an afternoon at a cafe, do some bar hopping, and check out the cute shops.

Just walk: During the day I sometimes just walk the downtown area of the city and see where I end up. I’ve come across some cute parks and amazing architecture during these walks. Just please be aware of your surroundings and if you start feeling ike you may be entering a bad area, turn around.

Get out of the city: Not to sound like a total downer, but one of the best places to experience San Jose is from above. The city is basically a valley surrounded by mountains. I suggest driving (or taking an Uber) to the Escazu area of the city and getting as high up as possible. On a clear day you can capture pics like the cover photo for this page. We have a guide to great day trips from San Jose that will definitely help you out.

San Jose Hotels

It’s hard for us to give you guys good hotel suggestions because we’ve actually never stayed in any hotels since we live here. All these suggestions are based on places other people we know have stayed at and loved.

Costa Rica Guesthouse: This place is really centrally located and super cute. For about $40 you can stay in a basic double room with a shared bathroom and breakfast included. Oh and they have free parking on site.

Hostel Columbus: We like the location of this place because it is right next to the big park in San Jose, but also easy to get to the central downtown area. For a king room with a private bathroom, you can expect to pay about $45 with breakfast included.

The Garden CR: This place is located in our favorite area of San Jose. There are tons of great restaurants and bars around. Plus it has a super fun vibe. For about $50 a night you can stay in a double room with a shared bathroom. Breakfast is also included.

Upe Hostel: This place is pretty basic, but everything is really new and clean. It’s a great option if you want to be close to the downtown action. You can expect to pay about $30 a night for a double room with a shared bathroom.

Hotel 1492: If you want a cute and homey spot while also being downtown, this is it. For about $40 a night you can stay in a standard double room with a private bathroom. There’s also a cute little garden you can chill in.

Fauna Luxury Hostel: If you are in the Escazu area of San Jose you’ve got to stay here. It is total hostel goals. Check out the pics by clicking the link. For about $15 a night you can stay in your own little pod in the mixed dorm. For about $40 you can stay in a private double room. There is also an outdoor pool, ping pong table, and pool table.

We definitely suggest checking out Airbnb as well. Sometimes you can get some really great accommodation deals at beautiful places on Airbnb. We like Airbnb because often you can get a place with a private kitchen. This definitely helps us to save some money so we are not constantly eating at restaurants. Also, often staying at an Airbnb will give you a more local experience.

Save $30 off your first Airbnb stay here

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San Jose Restaurants

There are a million food options in San Jose so it was pretty hard to narrow down our list, but here are a few of our faves….

Mantras Veggie Cafe: Tasty vegetarian and vegan food cafe. The presentation is also completely on point.

Cafe Rojo: Really good healthy food at an affordable price. I love the relaxed cafe vibe here.

Restaurante El Patio del Balmoral: Tasty food and really cool atmosphere right in the downtown area. They are open from 6:00am until 11:00pm so you can go for literally any meal here.

L’Olivo: Really great Italian food. This is not a budget place. You can expect to pay US prices. I’d say it will be about $15 for a quality homemade pasta dish. This is our go-to date night spot in the city so maybe you’ll see us there. 🙂

Embrujo Pizza: You’ll need a car for this one and it’s best to contact them ahead of time (just message them on Facebook) to see if they will be open for pizza. They speak perfect English and are super nice so you don’t need to stress about contacting them in Spanish. They make amazing wood oven pizzas and from their top terrace, you have a great view of the central valley. It’s a very simple place, but a total hidden gem. If you’re up for it you can also take a nice walk or go paintballing on the property. 🙂


san jose plane view

San Jose Travel Tips

– San Jose has a reputation as being dangerous. We have never had any problems, but please do not walk around with large amounts of cash, do not flash expensive objects, and please do not walk at night. Always get an Uber or taxi. Safety needs to be your number one concern in San Jose.

– We have heard of people having huge charges from pirate taxis in San Jose. What I mean is, if you take a bus to San Jose a ton of people will harras you when you get off the bus to ask if you need a taxi. Always check before you get in any taxi that it has an official taxi license plate. Also, always make sure they turn their meter on. Do not get in any taxi that is not legit. A friend of our recently paid almost $100 for a 20-minute ride. He didn’t know what to do because he didn’t speak Spanish and all his luggage was in the trunk. He couldn’t just run off. We don’t want this to happen to you! If you can, Uber is always the best bet.

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