Isla Tortuga in Costa Rica – White Sand Beach & Snorkeling

isla tortuga from above

Tortuga Island in Costa Rica consists of a beautiful white sand beach and turquoise waters with a palm tree backdrop. There are plenty of amazing beaches in Costa Rica, but few have such fine white sand as Isla Tortuga does. The island is located off of the Gulf of Nicoya, near the coast of the […]

Montezuma Beach – Walk for Hours Along Pristine Shores

montezuma beach waterfall

Montezuma is one of our favorite towns in Costa Rica. We love the relaxed bohemian feel here and the fact that although it is a small town there is still plenty of fun things to do in the area. One of our absolute favorite things to do is to visit Montezuma beach. You can walk […]

Montezuma Waterfall – Best Ways to Visit the Falls

montezuma waterfall

The Montezuma waterfall consists of three cascading falls along a river in the bohemian beach town of Montezuma, Costa Rica. Some serious risk-takers and locals will jump off of the top of the highest fall, but we suggest not risking your life and just enjoying a nice hike and swim under the falls instead. There […]

The Puntarenas Ferry in Costa Rica – To and From the Nicoya Peninsula

puntarenas ferry

*Updated in July 2019 from December 2017 article* Did you know that there is a ferry which can be taken from Puntarenas, Costa Rica to either Paquera or Naranjo on the Nicoya Peninsula? By taking this Costa Rica ferry you can save yourself a whole lot of travel time on your vacation. And, let’s be […]

Cabo Blanco Reserve in Costa Rica – A Full Guide

Cabo Blanco reserve

Cabo Blanco Reserve located near Montezuma and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is the perfect place to spend the day hiking in a place filled with a variety of wildlife and plants. One of the coolest parts about this spot is the beautiful beach that you can only access by hiking. We recently visited Cabo Blanco […]

Curu Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica – A Guide to Visiting

curu wildlife refuge

Curu Wildlife Refuge near Paquera in Costa Rica is a complete hidden gem. In the two years of living and traveling in Costa Rica we had never even heard of this place. Now it is definitely up there in our top five places to hike in Costa Rica. The nice thing about this spot is […]

3 Weeks Costa Rica Itinerary – Pacific Vibes

beaches in costa rica

three weeks pacific beach vibes itinerary Get a taste for all the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has to offer in a short amount of time One of our favorite things to do in Costa Rica is to explore all the unique Pacific coastal towns. Every town here has its own vibe with different activities, restaurants, […]

Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

turtles in costa rica

Costa Rica is a prime spot for seeing turtles. We absolutely love that you can see sea turtles in Costa Rica on both the Pacific and Caribbean coast at different times throughout the year. How cool is that? Every time we have seen turtles in Costa Rica it has been one of those out of […]

Cabuya Costa Rica – A Unique Island Cemetery Guide

cabuya costa rica

Have you ever heard of Cabuya Costa Rica? Probably not! It is a really small seaside town on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica which is home to an unusual cemetery located on an island. The cemetery can only be accessed during low tide when a shale pathway is uncovered. We visited on the morning […]