beaches in costa rica

3 Weeks Costa Rica Itinerary – Pacific Vibes

three weeks pacific beach vibes itinerary Get a taste for all the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has to offer in a short amount of time One...
costa rica nicaragua

How to Cross the Costa Rica Nicaragua Border

In July we went from Costa Rica to Nicaragua for seven nights. It turned out to be amazing, but we were super nervous about...
beach bars in costa rica

The Best Beach Bars in Costa Rica

Beach bars are something we've become a bit obsessed with since moving to Costa Rica. Surprisingly, for a country with the ocean to the...
turtles in costa rica

Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a prime spot for seeing turtles. We absolutely love that you can see sea turtles in Costa Rica on both the...
playa avellena

Playa Avellanas – The Perfect Beach Guide

We visited Playa Avellanas recently as a spontaneous trip from Tamarindo. I had been wanting to visit Lola's beach bar on Playa Avellanas for awhile...
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Costa Rica Highlights Itinerary in Two Weeks

two weeks Costa Rica Highlights itinerary Get a taste for all that Costa Rica has to offer in a short amount of time Costa Rica is difficult...