Costa Rica Coffee – Where to Take a Plantation Tour

coffee fields

Drinking some tasty Costa Rica coffee is a must-do while visiting the country. If you would like to take your coffee enjoyment one step further, we suggest participating in a coffee plantation tour. These tours typically walk you through the entire production process from planting to exporting. Most tours are great for people of all […]

Costa Rica Packing List for Women – 2020 Guide

packing list

Sundresses and bikinis might be your first thought when figuring out your Costa Rica packing list, but there are lots of other things you should pack which you might not initially cross your mind. Costa Rica is filled with over a dozen microclimates, which means tons of different weather! Of course, Costa Rica also has […]

Costa Rica Volcanoes – Visit Up Close

Costa Rica Volcanoes

One of the most popular draws for tourists to Costa Rica is all of the amazing volcanoes. Costa Rica volcanoes exist all over the country. Some are dormant, but there are plenty of active ones as well. In fact, the country is home to five active volcanoes and over 50 dormant volcanoes. Did you know […]

Costa Rica Transportation – How to Get Around

costa rica transportation

Take your pick for Costa Rica transportation; plane, train, or automobile? Just kidding, you probably won’t be taking the train in Costa Rica. Although, there actually is a train, but it is only located in San Jose. Instead, you will likely use a rental car, public bus, or private shuttles to get around. Anyway, there […]

Montezuma Beach – Walk for Hours Along Pristine Shores

montezuma beach waterfall

Montezuma is one of our favorite towns in Costa Rica. We love the relaxed bohemian feel here and the fact that although it is a small town there is still plenty of fun things to do in the area. One of our absolute favorite things to do is to visit Montezuma beach. You can walk […]

The Costa Rica Central Valley – Should You Visit?

costa rica central valley

The Costa Rica Central Valley consists of the area’s surrounding the capital, San Jose as well as the other main cities of the area (Alajuela, Cartago, and Heredia). See, San Jose is located in a valley. If you head out of the city to the nearby mountains you will be blessed with amazing views, cooler […]

Montezuma Waterfall – Best Ways to Visit the Falls

montezuma waterfall

The Montezuma waterfall consists of three cascading falls along a river in the bohemian beach town of Montezuma, Costa Rica. Some serious risk-takers and locals will jump off of the top of the highest fall, but we suggest not risking your life and just enjoying a nice hike and swim under the falls instead. There […]

Are You Renting a Car in Costa Rica? Read This First

costa rica car

With this site, we feel the need to make sure all of you get the best information and are fully aware of everything involving traveling in Costa Rica. This does not seem to be the same business outlook as Costa Rica car rental companies and it makes me so frustrated! I guess what Iā€™m saying […]

Ostional Costa Rica – See Thousand of Sea Turtles Lay Their Eggs

aribada costa rica

Did you know that it is possible to see an entire beach filled with nesting turtles in Costa Rica? This amazing experience occurs on the beach in the little seaside town of Ostional, Costa Rica. We recently got to experience this for the first time (after almost four years of living in Costa Rica) and […]

Costa Rica Language – Spanish Travel Phrases

costa rica welcome

The national Costa Rica language is Spanish. This means that it is really helpful to know at least some basic Costa Rican Spanish before visiting. If you are in touristy locations you will likely have no trouble finding someone who speaks perfect English, but it is good to know some Spanish phrases for things like going […]