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Arenal Hot Springs – Spots for All Budgets in La Fortuna

La Fortuna, Costa Rica is the prime hot spring destination to visit during your travels. This town is located in the northern central part of the country and is often considered an adventure-lovers paradise.  However, sometimes you need to balance all that action with some hot spring soaking with views of Arenal Volcano.  From places

santa teresa sunset

Costa Rica Sunset – Best Places to Enjoy the View

Sitting on a white sand beach while listening to the waves crash to shore as the sky turns fiery orange is something that never gets old…at least in my opinion.  Costa Rica’s Pacific coast has about 630 miles (1,290 kilometers) of coastline. That means there are tons of places for you to enjoy the sunset

costa rica car

Costa Rica Car Rental Scam – What to Watch Out For

We 100% believe that renting a car for your travels in Costa Rica is the absolute best way to get around. Having your own mode of transportation will allow you to: – Skip expensive day tours and do things on your own – Have the flexibility of seeing exactly what you want – Save money

llanos de cortez

Llanos de Cortez Waterfall – Guide to Visiting

One of our absolute favorite spots in the northern Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall. The waterfall is located just a short drive from the Liberia International Airport, it is affordable to visit, and you can swim under it! What more could you possibly want?!?! Features of the Llanos de

rainy beach

Rainy Season in Costa Rica – A Complete Guide

Rainy season in Costa Rica, or green season as it is often called, runs from later April until December.  Yes, that sounds like an extremely long period of rain.  Although this time is considered the rainy season, it does not mean that you will have non-stop rain.  In fact, there is a chance you won’t

rafting costa rica

White Water Rafting Costa Rica

White water rafting in Costa Rica is the perfect way to combine thrilling adventure with beautiful landscape views. Imagine this, a peaceful float down a blue river. On both riverbanks, you can see dense tropical tree coverage. Overhead, exotic birds are chirping and monkeys are howling. All of a sudden, your guide tells your group

cell phone costa rica

Cell Phone in Costa Rica – How to Stay Connected While Traveling

Are you looking for the best option for using your cell phone in Costa Rica? When traveling to a foreign country this dilemma always seems to come up. How will you stay in contact while traveling? How can you use GPS to get around? How will you call someone in an emergency?  So many questions!

corcovado monkey

Wildlife in Costa Rica – See All the Most Exotic Animals

Wildlife in Costa Rica is one of the countries biggest tourism draws. From sloths, to blue morpho butterflies, to sea turtles, to jaguars; there is such an abundance and diversity of animals here! I struggled in writing this article. I wanted to write about all the wildlife you might want to see in Costa Rica

cacao costa rica

Costa Rica Chocolate Tours – A Fun Activity for All Ages

Have you ever eaten fresh chocolate which was created from cacao beans right in front of you? On a Costa Rica chocolate tour you can experience this first hand. It’s the perfect activity for all ages. We tend to think of chocolate as a sweet and unhealthy treat, but cacao in its most natural form has