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Costa Rica Weather by Month – Full Break Down

Costa Rica weather by season

The number one question we get asked here at Costa Rica Vibes is, “What is the best time to go to Costa Rica?” I always struggle to answer this because the Costa Rica weather is so different depending on the time of year. There really is no “best” time to visit this beautiful country. Instead, each month in Costa Rica brings its own set of weather pros and cons.

We created this guide to help all of you trying to figure out when is the best time for you, with your specific interests, to visit Costa Rica. Let’s start with January (because that’s when the year starts, obviously). 

Winter in Costa Rica

Costa Rica weather in January

January in costa rica In January you can expect no rain and hot hot temperatures on the Pacific coast. In San Jose, the weather is warm and windy. On the Caribbean coast, you can expect frequent rainstorms and a lot of humidity.

Pros: The weather is basically perfect if you are visiting the Pacific coast. Also, the rainy season has just ended so everything is still very green and lush looking. If you are visiting places like La Fortuna you have a very good chance of having a clear view of the volcano.

Cons: This is the most popular time to visit Costa Rica. This means that prices are high and everything books out fast. If you plan to visit Costa Rica in January, definitely try to book all your hotels, activities, and rental car ahead of time. FIND OUT HOW TO GET UP TO 10% OFF YOUR CAR RENTAL IN COSTA RICA!

Costa Rica weather in February

february in costa rica

Just like with January you can expect hot temperatures and no rain on the Pacific coast. In San Jose it is dry and a bit less windy than in January. On the Caribbean coast you can expect humid temperatures and some rain storms.

Pros: You can pretty much guarantee good weather on the Pacific coast, in La Fortuna, and San Jose.

Cons: Prices are still high and there are still a lot of tourists here. As with January, try to book as much as possible ahead of time. If you are visiting the Caribbean coast you might not have some rain.

Costa Rica weather in March

In March you can expect hot weather on the Pacific coast. You may have one or two days with afternoon thunderstorms (but it is pretty rare). In San Jose the weather is hot and the wind is gone.

Pros: The weather on the Pacific coast, La Fortuna, and San Jose is almost guaranteed to be great.

Cons: By now, everything has turned brown and dead. The country is just not as pretty (in our opinion) as it is when everything is green. Prices are still high.

Spring in Costa Rica

Costa Rica weather in April

april in costa rica

April means hot weather and the possible start of the rainy season. You never really know because it is different every year, but especially later in the month, you might deal with the occasional afternoon thunderstorm. April tends to be one of the hottest months in Costa Rica on the Pacific coast.

Pros: The weather is still generally good.

Cons: All of the country is off over Easter and basically the entire country heads to the Pacific beaches. If you are traveling during that time you can expect big crowds and high prices. Everything still looks dried out due to the lack of rain. You may also deal with the occasional thunderstorm.

Costa Rica weather in May

may in costa rica In May, the rainy season officially begins. You may not have rainstorms every day, but they definitely become more frequent. Typically the rain storms roll in around 2pm and last for no more than two hours.

Pros: Everything starts turning green again due to the rain. Also, you don’t have to worry as much about things being booked out because there are fewer tourists in May. Some hotel and activity prices go down.

Cons: You may have some afternoon thunderstorms.

Costa Rica weather in June

june in costa rica

June is not a bad time to visit Costa Rica. You can expect afternoon thunderstorms almost every day, but the weather is hot and good for the rest of the day.

Pros: There are still a lot of tourists, but not as many as earlier in the year. Prices tend to be a bit lower for hotels and activities. Everything looks green and lush.

Cons: You will likely have afternoon thunderstorms.

Summer in Costa Rica

Costa Rica weather in July

july in costa rica July is actually one of our favorite months to travel around the country. Everything is back to being really green and you can expect hot sunny days with the afternoon thunderstorms like clockwork. There are a fair amount of tourists because it is summer vacation time, but not as many as earlier in the year.

In July there is also (usually) a two-week break from the rain. The locals talk about this like it happens every year, but I only remember this happening the first summer we were in Costa Rica.

Pros: Prices are lower for hotels and activities because it is officially the Costa Rica green season. Everything is green and pretty.

Cons: You will have to deal with the normal afternoon thunderstorm.

Costa Rica weather in August august in costa rica

August in Costa Rica can be a bit wet and gray. Sometimes you will have absolutely perfect days with no rain, other times you might have afternoon thunderstorms, and some days will just be overcast. However, there are very few days which are complete washouts.

August is the best time to visit the Caribbean coast. The weather tends to be hot and rain-free over there. Also, it is turtle season in Tortuguero, so it is the perfect time to head to the east coast of the country.

Pros: Very few tourists are visiting during this time, which means fewer crowds and lower prices. You don’t need to stress about booking things far in advance. Also, it is a great time to visit the Caribbean.

Cons: You can’t really predict the weather during this time. You might have some gray days with afternoon storms.

Costa Rica weather in September


Just like with August, you can’t really predict the weather in September. This past September we spent four nights on the Pacific coast and didn’t have a single drop of rain the entire time. Other years it has been a lot more rainy with the typical afternoon storm.

Pros: Prices are low and all the tourists are home due to the start of the school year. The weather has the potential to be decent. This is a great time to visit the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Cons: You can’t predict the weather during this time of year. Some places start closing down for the season due to lack of tourism.

Fall in Costa Rica

Costa Rica weather in October October in CR

October is known for having the worst weather in the country. You can expect some days of full rain. In San Jose where we live, this is the month when we deal with flooding due to some very heavy rainstorms.

Pros: Everything is cheap and tourism is way down.

Cons: The weather is usually not the best. Also, some hotels in smaller beach towns close down for October because they know that they can’t get enough business during this time of year. You also need to be careful while visiting at this time. Sometimes roads can get washed out and this past year there were multiple deaths due to flash flooding.

Costa Rica weather in November

Poas volcano November is kind of completely up in the air. We have lived in San Jose for three years and every November has been different. Some years have been nonstop rainy and others have been sunny and hot with very little rain. Basically, November is a surprise month.

Pros: This is still a quiet time for tourism (although things definitely pick up a bit later in the month around Thanksgiving). Everything is green and lush and prices are low all over the country.

Cons: You really can’t predict the weather. In some of the smaller beach towns, a lot of hotels are still closed for the rainy season.

Costa Rica weather in December

Manuel Antonio sunset In December you have very little chance of dealing with rain (but it can still happen especially during the beginning of the month). Instead, you will have hot temperatures on the Pacific coast, warm windy weather in San Jose, and some possible rain on the Caribbean. Get ready to hear every local say, “It’s Christmas weather!.”

Pros: During the first half of the month the country is still not overrun with tourists and you will likely have great weather. Plus everything is nice and green.

Cons: The second half of the month means the start of tourist season. The week between Christmas and New Years is one of the busiest times of the year here. If you plan on booking your vacation during that time, book early and be prepared to pay top dollar for hotels and activities.

Our Tips 

Cahuita beach – If you are visiting a cloud forest area like Monteverde or San Gerardo de Dota, be prepared for rain and cooler temperatures even in the dry season.

– Don’t forget that the Caribbean coast has the opposite rainy season from the rest of the country. The best time to visit Cahuita, Tortuguero, or Puerto Viejo is from August through November.

– If you are planning to rent a car, we have a 10% discount plus other great perks with Adobe. Their rate fluctuates by season, nit by when you book. In other words, it is best to book your car now so you can guarantee you’ll have one. The price will not be cheaper if you wait longer, but they may run out of cars if you don’t book in time. This happens a lot in the dry season. FIND OUT HOW TO GET UP TO 10% OFF YOUR CAR RENTAL IN COSTA RICA!

– Take the Costa Rica weather forecast with a grain of salt. I swear that during the rainy season they just say rain all day every day. This just is not true.

Lies! all lies!

– Don’t forget that Costa Rica is very close to the Equator. The UV index is typically crazy high. Load up on sunscreen! We have a full guide to sun protection in Costa Rica here.

– We have created destination guides to every location in Costa Rica. All of these destination guides include detailed weather descriptions. Definitely check these out for more details about the weather in the areas you are planning to visit. It’s important to remember that Costa Rica is made up of several microclimates, so every area of the country can vary greatly in weather.

– All of our descriptions about the weather are predictions. It can be really hard to say exactly what it will be like here. We have lived in Costa Rica for three years and every year has been completely different.

For example, during the summer of our second year, we had scary thunderstorms almost every afternoon. When I say scary, I mean car alarms would be going off all down our street because the lightning was striking so close. This past summer we had only a handful of thunderstorms and almost none of them were very scary.


So what do you think? Which month seems to be the best for you?

If you have any questions about the weather during your vacation dates just leave them in the comment section below. We are always happy to help you out! Also, we’d love to hear what your experience with the weather was like during your visit!


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The weather in Costa Rica is different depending on when you visit. There is a green season and a dry season. Find out the best time to visit for your desires. #CostaRica #weather #climate Costa Rica weather is different every month of the year. Find out the best time for you to travel Costa Rica based on the Costa Rica climate. #CostaRica #weather #greenseason #dryseason

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  1. Hi guys. THANK YOU for all of your help. We are a family of 5 that loves fishing. We would like to do some fishing while we visit for the 1st time. Can you suggest the best time of year to fish and what part of the country is best for fishing. ?

    1. Hi Monica! I’m so happy our site could help you out. Thomas is the big fisher in this household so I passed this question on to him. Here is what he said….
      It kind of depends on what kind of fishing you are interested in.
      Are you looking for inshore, offshore, saltwater, Sweetwater, are you trying to target a specific fish?
      Do you want to go out in a boat, kayak or fish from shore?
      There are always great offshore fishing trips, but they tend to be pricey. However, it is always possible to go out on smaller boats with locals as well to save some money.
      In general, there are some hotspots around for every need (targeted fish) and a specific time for big game offshore fish like marlin.
      I would suggest planning a travel route for sights or places to see and then fit in a fishing trip. Or would you like to focus your trip mostly around fishing?
      Let us know what kind of fishing you are interested in doing and we’ll give you some better ideas of great places to go and companies or people we have enjoyed fishing with.

      Hope that helps a bit!
      -Sarah + Thomas

  2. Hi Sarah,
    We are coming November 1-7 2018 with 12 of us staying at Villa Paloma in Guanacaste- any ideas about the weather then??

  3. This was helpful but would like more specifics. We are planning to visit Costa Rica in November. I notice your blog states during this time / season it can have some rain during the afternoon, cool weather and most places are closed. Could you tell me is this the case for the Cabo Velas and Tamarindo areas? Are there better parts of the month of November to visit than others if you want to avoid the rain as much as possible?

    1. Hi Sandy, November is a really difficult month to predict. We were in Tamarindo last year in late November and had sunny hot days, but the week before had been cool and rainy. I just cant really say, however you have a higher chance of good weather later in the month because its almost the start of dry season again.
      In the Tamarindo area most everything will be open. It’s a popular area throughout the year so things tend to not close down.
      Let me know if you have more questions!

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