We found the best Airbnb in La Fortuna Costa Rica and it is possible to stay here for as low as $22 a night. How crazy is that?

I should probably preface by saying this is not sponsored or anything. This is legit the best Airbnb in La Fortuna and possibly all of Costa Rica. It’s without question the perfect spot for all of you planning a trip to La Fortuna and looking for a place to stay. It would be our favorite spot even if it was more expensive, but it is not only amazing it is also cheap. Welcome to Princesa de La Luna Ecolodge. The coolest place in La Fortuna.

princessa de la luna

The Best Airbnb in La Fortuna – Our Experience

We first stayed at Princesa de La Luna in July of 2017 as a little weekend getaway. Thomas had found the listing on Airbnb for a room here priced at $35 a night. He left it up to me to book it and upon digging a bit deeper I found that they had another room available for $22 a night. Yes, you read that correctly. ONLY $22 A NIGHT!

I figured it must have been on a different property or something, but I messaged the owner and he responded that it was only so cheap because it was a new listing on Airbnb and they wanted to generate some good reviews before they raised the price.

I think it was also cheap because it was somewhat last minute and they just wanted to fill the rooms. Also, it was rainy season so prices tend to be lower throughout the country.

Well, usually I would be hesitant about booking something that only had two other reviews, but his other listings at the same property had amazing reviews so I figured it was fine. I went ahead and booked the $22 a night room. With taxes the hotel came out to $49 for two nights for two people in La Fortuna. That’s so cheap! Woot woot!

I think I’ll just chill here for the next few days….

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We arrived on Friday afternoon and were greeted by the two men who run the place. They were amazing! One of them showed us to our cabin, which was simple but had everything we could possibly need including a nice small balcony overlooking the jungle.

The next day we decided to explore some of the trails on the property, and WOW! We walked for about 3 hours exploring all the trails (and we probably only saw about a quarter of the whole place). We came across an amazing waterfall, a poisonous frog, the coolest steps I’ve ever seen, random pools, rocky streams, and more. It was seriously amazing. We’ve both traveled to La Fortuna a few times in the past so we wanted something unique. This was it!

That evening we decided to grill at the pool and drink some beers (as usual). It was perfect and quiet and just all around lovely.

The next time we visited was in August with two of Thomas’ friends from Germany. This time we decided to rent a house on the property. The house looked pretty cool from the pictures and was listed at only $45 a night. jungle in la fortuna

The house was amazing guys! It was basic but had three bedrooms and everything we could need. The real amazing thing though was the awesome porch. It was huge and the coolest place to hang out.

We stayed for two nights and on our last day the guys went rafting while Thomas and I opted to do the guided hike of the property. It was super fun and included taking a mud bath. I’m always for anything that involves getting my hands dirty so I was all about this.

When we got back we ate lunch on the property which was served family style for Thomas and I. It was so ridiculously delicious.

The Best Airbnb in La Fortuna – What You Should Know

– This place is listed as Magical Tropical Fantasy on Airbnb. The Pineapple house is also on the same property (it is the house we stayed in with Thomas’ friends. Make sure to check that the property you book is in La Fortuna because he also has a few properties in other locations.

secret waterfall in la fortuna– Breakfast is not included, but you can buy breakfast for $8 per person. They give you a lot of food including juice, coffee, eggs, rice & beans, pancakes, and fruit. You can also eat lunch or dinner there. Just let them know ahead of time if you plan to.

-The guided tour with one of the guys working there is $20 per person. It sounds a bit pricey, but it includes a really delicious lunch which is usually $10 per person. The guided tour includes a hike to the cool waterfall, walking through the river, and a mud bath.-forest in la fortuna– If you plan on doing the hike make sure to bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and dirty. I like shoes like Chacos or Keenes for this kind of adventure.

– If you look at this listing on Airbnb we find it is usually listed for a lot higher price. If you are willing to take the risk, the price usually goes wayyyy down a few weeks before the date you plan on staying. I think they just try to see if they can book it for a higher price first.

– It is best to rent a car with four-wheel drive for going here. It is possible to get here without four-wheel drive but it is on an unpaved road with a hill. If you need to rent a car you can read our complete guide to renting a car here and get 10% off your car rental.


– If you are looking to be in downtown La Fortuna this is not the place for you. It is close to town (about a 10 minute drive) but it is pretty remote. Also, it is rustic, so if you want something fancy this is not for you.

– If you are new to Airbnb, use our link to sign up and get $30 off of your first stay!

airbnb in Costa Rica

– If you are interested in other ways we save money when booking accommodations in Costa Rica you can check out our complete guide to finding budget accommodation.


Let us know if you have questions in the comment section below. We are happy to help you out!




We found the best Airbnb in La Fortuna Costa Rica and it is possible to stay here for as low as $22 a night. How crazy is that? We found the best Airbnb in La Fortuna Costa Rica and it is possible to stay here for as low as $22 a night. How crazy is that?





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